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College Tunnel Links & Info

This is a list of pretty much every College Tunnel-related page I could find. Again, these are only the college tunnels that have web pages. If you know your college has tunnels, dont email me saying so - start a web page about them, put up some info (like your experiences in them) THEN email me the URL. If you are afraid to put it on your account, then send me the info and I will host an anonymous page for you.

Ok, I've decided I will take submissions about tunnel info. If you can give me a reasonable description of your college's tunnels, I'll put it on my Submitted Info page. I'd still prefer it if you could host the web page, but some people can't.

Note: If you don't see anything on tunnels on one of these pages do a "find" for "tunnels". (only necessary on a few pages, which have less tunnel content.. ratings system coming)

If your school is NOT listed, don't ask me about it. Ask around at your school. Ask seniors. Explore yourself! Find some info, then compile it into a web page. Make a map, if you want.
Currently, there are 61 schools listed here.
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville A tunneling experience from UAF can be found on my Submitted Info page.
A great site on the BCCC tunnels.
UC Berkeley Univ. of CA at Berkeley has a good system of tunnels, which are being rennovated. There was also a pretty good Article on them in a recent Daily Cal.
UCLA Sorry, currently BROKEN LINK... Eric Chien's Page on the grand UCLA Tunnels. If you are ever around the LA area I highly reccomend giving UCLA a visit, they have some great tunneling up there. UCLA, of course, is home of the famous underground "bridge" - an amazing underground room a few stories tall and several hundred feet long/wide. (Plus their tunnel security is pretty much non-existant) A map of their tunnels can be found on Eric's site, as well as some amusing tunneling anecdotes. Here's another, not as nice, UCLA Page.
UCSD The Page I maintain on the UCSD Tunnels. A Photo Tour will be coming RSN(tm)
Columbia University, NYC Here can be found a map of the Columbia tunnels. Wired also mentioned them in their Tunneling Article. Here's some info on their information infrastructure, with pictures.
Carnegie Mellon U. Interesting Hypercard Map of the CMU Tunnels. Very nice. Here's what CMU thinks of you going in their tunnels.
City College of New York. Submitted info.
Caltech Caltech is another school with legendary tunnels. A map can be found at the link on the left. They are mentioned on this Real Genius Page.
Case Western Reserve U. Their Magic:The Gathering (its a card game) club has invented a "Steam Tunnels" card. Some additional info is also mentioned.
University Of Cincinatti Guided tour of the University of Cincinatti tunnels!
University Of Colorado Nice little page on tunnels in Denver. Includes a picture of the tunnels under the "UC Health Sciences Center". This mentions university tunnels in Boulder.
CU Boulder Yay.. a web page for the CU Boulder tunnels. Very nice, with stories, etc.
Dartmouth Dartmouth College has tunnels, mentioned in this 1991 report... Also Here.
Duquesne University (PA) Tunnel Asbestos removal mentioned in their campus newspaper.
Earlham College Includes a tour, Map, and stories of the Earlham College Tunnels. No Dead Bodies in them, though.
Edinboro University, PA List of pranks, including tunneling. (broken?)
University of Evansville I have received submitted info on the University of Evansville in indiana.
Johns Hopkins U. Their Emergency Response Team doesnt like to go in the tunnels... (search)
University Of Idaho This is an interesting data sheet on the telecom infrastructure at U of I. It describes & discusses the steam tunnels, and also lists all of the buildings which are connected to them, etc.
Univ. Of Illinois, Chicago I have done UIC's tunnels, and they are quite impressive. UIC has two separate systems, west and east. There is no map as of yet, but several articles in the newspaper discuss the system.
Univ. Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Another legendary set of tunnels are at UIUC. They even have a mailing list for discussion of them (though Im not sure if it's still active). Havent found much web info on them. Jeremy Todd has had Cool Tunnel Dreams, though.
Imperial College, UK There are apparently quite a few tunnels at Imperial College in London, England. There is a Network wiring map here, and some interesting comments, but not much else.
Indiana University The tunnels are discussed in their Physical Plant newsletter a bit.
Iowa State University Nice site including a very nice, well done map of the Iowa State University tunnels. For a smaller (290k) version, go to my maps page.
Lane Community College An article from the Lane CC (Eugene, OR) college paper on their tunnels.
Lehigh University A new site about Lehigh University's tunnels.
Louisiana State University There is some LSU tunnel info on my Submitted Info page.
University Of Michigan There is some UMich tunnel info on my Submitted Info page.
North Carolina State University (NCSU) NCSU doesnt take to kindly to people going in their tunnels, as their Student Conduct code indicates..
Northern Arizona University The tunnels at NAU are prone to flooding.. (as are UCSD's)
Northwestern University NWU in Evanston, Ill. has a good set of tunnels. I remember seeing a map once, if anyone has it please email me.
Notre Dame Yep, there's tunnels at Notre Dame too... Also hereand submitted info can be found here..
Ohio State University Under Ohio State. A great site.
Oklahoma State Tunnels referred to in campus network plan. Also definitely Check out this
Oregon Institute Of Technology I have recieved submitted info about the OIT tunnels - here.
Oregon State University OSU has tunnels. Also mentioned Here. (more info in the archives)
Pennsylvania State University The Penn State Underground. A great, great site with a nice map. I also have submitted info on tunnels and building hacking at PSU - here.
Plymouth State College This discusses D&D and the UL (T) about the student who supposedly died in the Steam Tunnels of college X playing D&D (he wasn't), and the subsequent attack on D&D type games.
Pratt Institute Info about the Pratt Institute tunnels can be found on my Submitted Info Page.
Princeton University A very partial map of the Princeton tunnels was posted to and is available on my maps page, here. It's really small, and looks horrible when full size, so.. Oh well. However, I have 7 nice pics supposedly taken in the Princeton Tunnels Here.
Portland State University Portland State University in Oregon has tunnels... and if you are there, it looks like you can get plans from facilities. Unfortunately, they dont have the maps online. :)
Rice University Steam Tunnels are also in their campus lexicon. I also have a Rice Tunnel Map!
College Of St. Benedict/St. John's U Tunnels mentioned as being expanded (in 1995!)
] CUNY - College of Staten Island Neat article on tunnels and a nice map!
Stanford Some pictures from the Stanford tunnels! Neat brick tunnel. The Stanford tunnels are also mentioned once on this bizzare page.
St. Olaf College Tunnels are mentioned in this history of the St. Olaf College (Minnesota) campus radio station.
Trinity College Dublin An article on the Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland tunnels.
University of Queensland, Australia Info about the Univ. Of Queensland tunnels can be found on my Submitted Info Page.
University of Rochester A link to the budget for their campus steam tunnels.
Virginia Tech Check out Big Tex' VA Tech Tunnels Site! Also, nfo about the VA Tech tunnels can be found on my Submitted Info Page.
Wake Forest University Info about the Wake Forest tunnels can be found on my Submitted Info Page.
William and Mary A great new site about the College of William and Mary tunnels! Sounds like they have ample, eeeasy access and a lot of interesting features in their tunnels. Includes partial map.
Virginia University An article about fortifying the UVA tunnels, which are apparently falling apart...
University Of Washington There was an article on tunneling in their daily paper. Unfortunately, it includes BS like "Homeless citizens and Dungeons and Dragons fanatics are the most frequent visitors in these dark passages." Um, No. Interesting, however, is the idea of selling a tunnel map.
College Of William & Mary They have an actual CRYPT in their steam tunnels! Wow.
Worcester Polytechnic Inst, MA Good article on the WPI Tunnels. (from their paper)
Vanderbilt University Good article on the Vanderbilt Tunnels. (from their paper)
Yale Conn/Mass. area must be a tunneler's paradise. Physical Plant & tunnel improvements at Yale.
York University Good article with pics on tunneling at York University (in Canada)..
Youngstown State U. Map of YSU (Ohio) campus with the Phys. Plant that mentions the tunnels.
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